Friday, May 3, 2013

Signs For Sex Offenders?,……..

Apparently police in Bradford County Florida are putting these signs up where sex offenders, child molesters and convicted rapists live.
Some seem to think this is a bad idea based on the one convicted has served their time, paid their debt to society kind of thing. I disagree. Go buy a cup of coffee from a fast food eating establishment and there is a warning sign telling you the coffee is hot. Why? Because the eating establishment doesn’t want to be liable for the publics stupidity. I think the counties, cities and states need to let the public know where child molesters and rapists live because the general public is unknowing. The public needs to know.
It is hard for me to imagine anyone arguing that these signs aren’t needed or that they are a bad idea. If my child or grandchild or any family member lived near a predator, I’d want to know. And so would most people. I’m going to add a poll, just for fun to see how this vote goes. It will be up at the top on the right hand side. NOTE: I had to remove the poll as it wasn't recording votes. Also you can check the QuadCitiesDaily for a list of sex offenders in your area,… here is the link,… Your local link for sex offenders


  1. In general, it's a good idea. Pedophiles, for example, tend to be repeat offenders. On the other hand, perhaps some latitude should be given to youthful offenders who are but a year older than the 'victim.'

    Some communities have laws prohibiting them from living proximate to a school. That's a good idea. It may have in some cases, like in Huntsville and Sheffield, in a group of them pooling in a cheap motel with weekly rates. This might actually make it easier for police to keep tabs on those bad actors.

  2. It helps warn parents about possible threats to their children.

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  4. They definitely should post those signs given the high rate (88.3%) of recidivism in sex offenders.