Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bad Checks and Colbert County and More,….


Apparently if you want to write a bad check or if you write one and fail to take care of it unknowingly for any reason, in Colbert County, the District Attorney along with the Sheriffs Department don’t think it is worth their time to pursue it. Which hurts businesses.  For whatever reason, the Shoals Most Wanted for Colbert County is full of bad check writers. One could certainly understand a few of them slipping through the cracks and getting by with it but the list of people writing bad checks seems rather long to me. Compared to Lauderdale County which has a higher population, it takes a lot longer to scroll through the list of Colberts Most Wanted. And yes not everyone listed is writing bad checks but the ratio is higher for south of the river. Have a look for yourself at the QuadCitiesDaily’s link, ColbertCounty Most Wanted <<<Click there.


True story that happened yesterday.

I get a knock on the door and recognize the voice from this guy that walks around the neighborhood. He knocks on the door and asks is anyone home. I open the door and ask what he wants. The guy says, in a voice that mimics Karl Childers from the movie Slingblade,… “You got any Vaseline? Ummmm I really need some Vaseline cause I think my butt is raw.” I answer no,… we don’t have any (which was true), then he asks “Well, ummmm do you have any baby powder? I really think my butt is raw”. Again, I answer no because I had no clue we had baby powder. We did. But kind of glad I didn’t know we did. What was he going to do? Apply it right there?  Would he have applied the Vaseline right there if we had a jar? Maybe I should have offered the garden hose.

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