Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey Now,….. RIP Darryl,….

Hey now,…. Words that I thought I’d never miss. Hey now was usually followed by are you going to the store. Darryl, our neighbor, didn’t drive so he would ask neighbors if he could hitch a ride.

Darryl was one of a kind. He worked a simple job at the Florence Recycle Center and lived a simple life. He died alone at his house and the family will have a private memorial service. This from the QuadCities Daily,… Darryl's Obit By the way, none of this info made it to the Times Daily our local newspaper. There was a brief mention yesterday but nothing in the way of survivors or arrangements.

Darryl had many friends. Age knew no boundaries. It didn’t matter if you were 3 or 103, he could talk. He had the gift of gab,… but he was always quick with a cheesy joke. Most of which he made up on the spot. I want to share what one of the neighbors had to say about Darryl,…. From Josh,…

This planet lost one awesome man a week ago. I knew Darrell (one of my neighbors) for around 7 years. Not only was he a awesome neighbor, but he would talk to my kids at their level. Paisley would talk to him most afternoon's she loved him so much!
I always enjoyed taking him to the grocery store and walking down the isles while he tells me his newest cheesy joke ( he was the king of cheesy jokes )! The looks we would get when he would bellow out his unique laugh that was something between a serial killer and a psycho ward patient was awesome!
I was fortunate enough to get to run into him last Saturday of all places the grocery store . It was Cosmo and I and he saw us and we chatted a bit, but when we were done saying our good byes and we were halfway across the store from each other he yells HEY JOSH. I said YEAH he said IM GONNA GO TO THE REN FAIR THIS YEAR AND TELL EVERYONE MY NAME IS SIR. LOIN! last thing he said to me was the most awesome cheesy joke ever!
We will miss you Darrell!

RIP Darryl,.. We will miss ya.

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