Saturday, June 29, 2013

Kill A Cracker!!,………(Warning: Language)

The term cracker refers to any white person. Any Caucasian. Don’t think it is a racist remark? Well the origin of the term cracker goes back to slave days. The cracker is the plantation owner or foreman and that was the term given them by the slaves. Not because they were white, but because of the crack of the whip. I didn’t know if any of you knew that or not. To me, it is as racist calling me a cracker as it is calling a black man a nigger. Same difference. I had nothing to do with any slave owners any more so than any black alive had direct association with a slave. It is history, get over it.

The Paula Deen situation is sad. Sad in the fact that she seems to have been made a scapegoat in this upsurge of racism. She used the word nigger (sorry, I’m not going to pacify anyone by saying the n-word, put your big girl panties on and grow up) years ago. She is from the South at a time when, while not appropriate, it was used. Back then, most white people thought that was what blacks were called. She didn’t lie about using the word. Now all of her world is crumbling. I saw a video of Lil Wayne, a black rapper, stomping on an American flag. But the media looks the other way. He was filming a music video in his hometown of New Orleans. Some of those lyrics include  "My country 'tis of thee / Sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die," and the hook, "God bless Amerika / This so godless Amerika" But yet,… he skates and promotes hate and Paula Deen watches her world crumble.

You think there isn’t racism in America? And when you think of racism you think of whites offending blacks. Think again. Whites have become too passive. We have a half white president. But yet he is referred to as black. George Zimmerman, the one on trial for the Trayvon Martin death is half Hispanic half white, but yet because he is accused of killing a black, he is white. Zimmerman is on trial and here are a few tweets from people concerning if he happens to go free,…. get your guns. This is where the language warning applies. Proceed at your own risk. These tweets came from Riots If Zimmerman Walks


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And these came from Martin Supporters Want White People To Die

So sweet.  So tolerant.  So loving. 

Wait - did that guy up there just use the "N" word?  Someone CALL HIS EMPLOYER!!! Shouldn't he be fired or something???


  1. Actually, OB, Zimmerman's great-grandfather was black. He lived in Peru and married a Hispanic Indian. The press doesn't like to mention that.

  2. sounds like a bunch of threats to me