Saturday, June 8, 2013

Muscle Shoals Music,… You Can Make A Difference,….

Jackson Hwy

Executive Summary

Not since its heyday in the 1960's has music recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama garnered so much attention on both a national and international scale. Albums and singles cut here have left an indelible mark on the face of popular American music culture, as we know it. The Muscle Shoals Sound can still be heard on television, radio and the internet all over the world. During the recent shopping of the documentary "Muscle Shoals" to distributors, which investigates the evolution of the sound and the individual personalities that fueled the music, film companies all over the world have invested their time and money into the film, making sure it is seen worldwide. The documentary follows the resolution of these personal tensions and conflicts at a very human level. That musical community then creatively manifested into dozens of studios with two rising to the top, FAME Studios and Muscle Shoals Sound Studios. The recent availability of the original Muscle Shoals Sound Studio at 3614 Jackson Highway creates a unique opportunity for the Shoals to preserve, as Keith Richards says in describing the studio, "it's Rock and Roll Heaven, man!" No other city or town in America, pound for pound, can lay claim to as rich a musical history as the Shoals.  Over $100,000 has already been raised.  Only $50,000 more to make this historic site alive again...  Our eventual goal is to raise $400,000 to upgrade the facility and add more exhibit space onto the building.

The foundation envisions a three-prong approach in order to capitalize on our musical heritage in the Shoals:

1. Acquire 3614 Jackson Highway. Renovate the studio to replicate the actual recording conditions to represent the era of the studio's notoriety as well as upgrade it with other modern technology.

2. Create a partnership with Fame Studios and the later home of Muscle Shoals Sound Studios on the river that would create tours of three world famous studios in one community.  A feat no other community in the world can lay claim.

3. Begin a capital campaign to construct a dedicated facility to showcase the Muscle Shoals music history in a Smithsonian quality series of comprehensive exhibits. Again, these three iconic studios would become the centerpiece of the Muscle Shoals Experience and be employed to illustrate the evolution of Muscle Shoals into today's music genres. The facility will also feature revolving exhibits of the hundreds of superstar artists who recorded here.

Help Raise Funds,... You can contribute to the cause by clicking this link. Help preserve Muscle Shoals Music and the building at 3614 Jackson Highway. This is what this area is all about,… Muscle Shoals Music. It surpasses the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. That needs to be in a larger city and better thought out as far as location. But the Muscle Shoals Music Foundation is all about the music from the past to the present and that is what needs to be promoted. Our music, our area, our music history.


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