Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 SEC College Football Predictions,….


Well it is that time of year again. Time for the fourth season of the year. We have had winter, spring, summer and now its time for football season.

The SEC once again took the BCS National Championship with Alabama beating Notre Dame to win its 15th National Championship and its 3rd in 4 years. Pretty impressive. And now Bama has a chance to three peat. Only 3 teams have ever done that. Minnesota in the 1930’s, Army in the 1940’s and a team that always gets overlooked because they are Division 2, our own UNA Lions did it in the 1990’s. The Lions three peat was the more impressive of the three schools based on games played and parity.


2012’s Predictions             2013’s Predictions

SEC EAST,….                   SEC EAST

1. Georgia                        1. Georgia

2. South Carolina                2. South Carolina

3. Florida                           3. Florida

4. Tennessee                     4. Vandy

5. Missouri                        5. Tennessee

6. Vandy                           6. Missouri

7. Kentucky                       7. Kentucky


SEC West,….                   SEC WEST

1. LSU                              1. Alabama

2. Alabama                        2. Texas A&M

3. Arkansas                       3. LSU

4. Texas A&M                    4. Mississippi

5. auburn                            5. auburn

6. Mississippi                      6. Arkansas

7 Mississippi St.                  7. Mississippi St.

Vandy over Tennessee? Who would have thought it? First year coaches at Arky, auburn, Tennessee and Kentucky won’t fair too well. Arkansas will be improved and Kentucky could be. auburn and Tennessee could go either way.

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