Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Reasons To Delete Someone From Your Facebook Page,….

Ah,… facebook. That social networking service that keeps us connected to friends and family. Sometimes whether we like it or not.
I doubt I could ever delete any family. I can however not friend them in the first place. But I can and have deleted friends and acquaintances and they have returned the favor.
So I have made a little list, nothing scientific, but a list of reasons that it would be okay for you to delete someone from your facebook. These are just my opinions and you know what they say about those.
Reason number 1,…. Too religious. Yes sometimes people get a bit overboard with religious posting on facebook. I’m glad you have found Jesus. Really I am. If I want to learn more, I’ll go to church. This is facebook not the Internet church of our Lord. 
Preaching atheism has become a religion to some. You are doing the same thing you accuse Christians of doing. Quit harping on it. You aren’t Sheldon Cooper.
Reason number 2,…. Too political. Does everyone of your posts have to do with the president, how awful our country is or what constitutional right has been taken away today? If so, you could be losing friends. It does get old.
Reason number 3,… Too much drama. This is a big one. It includes things like saying you’re going to go whip someone's butt because they didn’t wave at you to who said what about whom.
Reason number 4,… Relationship status changes. Yeah I get it. They do change from time to time. But every week is a bit much don’t you think? And I’m not talking about elementary kids. I’m talking adults here. And sometimes it is with the same person that they break up and get back together with. I mean,.. if it didn’t work the first 7-8 times you got together,… I’m willing to bet it won’t work the next 7-8 times either.
Reason number 5,… Whiners. Apparently just like haters gonna hate, whiners gonna whine. About everything. From a hang nail to constipation.
Reason number 6,… Super offensive language. I’m a big boy and know most of the words used and how to use them. Some, I think I may have invented. But there are children on facebook. Be mindful of that. Some parents don’t keep up with what their children do and seeing your f bombs and worse isn’t a good thing. They’ll learn those words soon enough more than likely.
Reason number 7,… Mirror pictures. These really annoy me. Stop it. And stop with the duck lips too. They are fine for a 6 year old. But when you have a 6 year old and still doing it, it just ain’t cool. Especially every picture you have on facebook. Or maybe that old saying about making a face and it getting stuck like that came true,… hmmm.
Reason number 8,… facebook isn't a how to bulletin board. Stop with the how to do this or how to do that. They usually don’t work anyway. Like I’m going to hang zip lock bags of water up around the house to keep flies away. Really?
Reason number 9,… People who blog and post their blogs on facebook. Hmmmm,….

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  1. Number 9 sounds like a biggie. Do we actually know people who are that depraved? I seriously have friends and cousins who fit into some of the other categories. I just sigh and read on...