Friday, July 5, 2013

River Bottom Grille,… Shoals Weather on facebook,….

This story appeared at the Pen N Sword today about the River Bottom Grille. River Bottom Grille Draws Complaints. Good luck public,… getting any help from Tricky Dick Jordan. That guy is about as useless as teats on  a boar hog. The Florence Police might be your best bet but I doubt it. There is a new marina in the works at Shoal Creek and am looking forward to a new eating establishment there. Firing a cannon at sunset,… I’m like the person who asked “ Why? Do you think we are too stupid to know when the day ends?”



Who do you trust your weather to? One of the Huntsville TV stations? An app for your phone for local weather? A NOAA weather radio or perhaps Weatherbug on your computer or phone. Any of the above outlets are good in helping keep you safe and informed in severe weather. I even have Dan Satterfield on facebook and he still helps keep us informed of severe weather via the social network. The guy is a weather nerd, which is why he is as good as he is. He lives it.

One organization on facebook, Shoals Weather, not so much. They remind me of the news on WOWL TV back in the day. WOWL tried to do the news and weather but they just couldn’t quite get over the hump. They just weren’t professional enough. Same with Shoals Weather. They just aren’t professional enough and as a matter of fact, they are quite comical and remind me of WOWL TV at times. But the bottom line, professional weather forecasters and apps and even Weatherbug can save lives and give you the much needed updates. Shoals Weather is basically useless. Much like the TimesDaily, of which has ties to Shoals Weather on facebook.

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