Friday, August 30, 2013

Bama, Georgia and LSU, Week One,…


Well,… If you read the last blog post, you know one of two things. Either I need glasses or I’m old. Lets go with I need glasses. Congrats to Ole Miss for winning last night. I wish I could have kept awake to watch it. It sounded like a good game. Still,… lets go with the needing glasses.

Congrats also to the Gamecocks of South Carolina. Conner Shaw looked good early on but faded a bit. Not the type of leader he should be in my humble opinion. Jadeveon Clowny was a disappointment as well. He hurt his Heisman chances in my book. I know it is hot and humid but it just seemed like he wasn’t as conditioned as some of his other team mates.


Georgia at Clemson,…. I had already thought about this game and saying this one could be the best of the weekend. But after reading about the Ole Miss/Vandy game that one will be had to top. Georgia has a lot of new faces on defense and Clemson has a new secondary. So this one could become a slugfest. Two good quarterbacks and good passing attacks so I’m gonna say,….. Georgia 44 Clemson 38

LSU at Texas Christian,…. Good opener for both teams. LSU should make mincemeat out of the Horned Frogs defense and score a lot of points before halftime. TCU will learn a lot about what it takes to be a good team. LSU 34 TCU 7

Alabama vs Virginia Tech in Atlanta,… Alabama begins its quest for a third straight title. Can they do it? Yes. Will they do it? That remains to be seen. I’ve read sports articles that give VT no chance in this game. I’ve heard Bama fans boast that Bama will win by 3-4 touchdowns. They might do just that but,…. I hope the players aren’t as arrogant as some of the fans are. Remember, they do play the games for a reason. VT will be a tough test and this should be a good game. I do think Bama wins this one. Alabama 34 VT 7,… Roll Tide!!

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