Saturday, August 17, 2013

Can Alabama Three Peat?,…….


In the world of college football, with the way parity is supposed to come into play, repeating as National Champions is hard to do. Winning the NC 3 years out of four is a feat in itself. Winning three in a row is almost unfathomable in these days of college athletics. Actually it has been done 3 times in the past. Mostly because of different polls. Now with the BCS, three peating is more of a feat than ever before. Minnesota did it in the 30’s, Army did it in the 40’s and UNA did it in the 90’s.

So can Alabama win the title 3 times straight? Yes. But I don’t think they will get to the BCS Championship Game with a loss this time. Bama will have to go undefeated and win the SEC in order to go to the big show again. If they do,… they should deserve a chance to play in Pasadena.

Who will their opponent be should they make it? Odds are Ohio State since they seem to be the new media darlings. Texas has a chance along with Stanford, Oregon and even Clemson. But Clemson always seems to find a way to choke. I’m excited about the upcoming season. If Bama doesn’t make it,… it’s been a great run. Bama can’t keep winning this thing forever and I know it will end,… but,… I don’t think it ends this year. Roll Tide Roll!! 

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