Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lets Get Readdddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyy To,……..

………………play some SEC football.
It is time!! Football season has arrived and I am giving you my picks in week one. This weeks games features some good ones and possibly some upsets.
North Carolina at South Carolina,… Tonight. This game may just be closer than you think. SC has been projected to compete for an SEC championship this year and possibly more. The Tar Heels of UNC won’t be a push over and this should be a good game. However, I do have to pick the SEC team here,… USC 24 UNC 21
Ole Miss at Vandy,…. Another game tonight and another good one for the true college football fan. Ole Miss will be much improved over last year and Vandy should maintain the level in which they played last year which was better than most years. That makes this the close game that it should be. But,… I think Ole Miss is just too strong for the “Dores in this one. Ole Miss 28 Vandy 21
LA Lafayette at Arkansas,… LA Lafayette is coming off of two straight 9-4 seasons from the Sunbelt Conference while the Hogs have first year coach Bret Bielema who thinks he can coach in the SEC. This should be another close one. The Hogs will scrape by winning 24-21.
Austin Peay at Tennessee,… Easy Peasy for Tennesseesey,… 50-10
Washington St at auburn,… Well the tigers at auburn may see the second coming of the anointed one this season. Or they may not. They should win this one. 28-21
Kentucky vs W. Kentucky at Nashville TN.,… Got to love close games for the first of the season,… UK 28 WK 24
I’m going to save the LSU, Georgia and Alabama game predictions. The SC/NC game is starting.

Update: Thanks to Mitch Wade for correcting me on the times/dates of the SC and Ole Miss/Vandy games. I missed it by thissssssssss much. A day in fact. He suggested I needed a new schedule,... I really need new glasses lol,.... Thanks Mitch!!

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