Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Email From An Alabama Fan,….


Just read your last post about no three peat. You were correct on the OL and and other standard mistakes made by inexperience. 
Here are some items you may have over looked.  Going back the last four years in its first game, Alabama has limited it offensives and defensive sets.  Because the first game means nothing. Michigan, Virginia Tech and the others first games were just a TV pay day for Bama.  Why show Texas A & M or any other SEC team any more than you have too.  I realize that is a fine line to walk and still win, but with the talent Bama has it is certainly not an impossible task, especially when you can jump on them by two or three TD's by half.
I know on several occasions in the second half, Virginia Tech had not eight but nine men in the box walked up to stop the run.  Had that been an SEC team late in the season, you would have seen crossing patterns, wheel routes and fades, backing up the DB's and loosing the LB's.   Then,  again you know this, and did not want to appear to upper d in your post.
A & M will be a good test for Bama and a true challenge, Mr. Football is a great player, and Bama will not hold back anything to stop him. You certainly realized this last year. And this year,  I personally am not sure Bama can win. They must stop Manziel to have any chance.   I do hope the players play football and not get caught up in the other aspect of Mr. Football's on field behavior. Win or lose, I will still be RTR.

I do enjoy your post, keep up the good work.



Allen, first thanks for taking the time to read the blog and second, thanks for sending the email. I’m going to reply to it here because I was going to blog about some of what you suggested in the email.

I think you are totally correct in that Bama didn’t want to show out and show all they could do on either side of the ball as far as routes, stunts, blitzes, blocking schemes and so on.

Coach will have them ready I’m sure. That is why he gets paid the big bucks. I do think Bama can take A&M if the line play is much better. If not, it could be a long day and Bama still has to deal with an improved Ole Miss and a strong LSU team that could vie for the national championship if Bama stumbles.

I told someone today that it was kind of sad Bama won by 25 points and I’m whining about it. Yep, we have been spoiled for sure.

Thanks again for reading and responding. Roll Tide Roll!!


  1. This weekend seems to be a semi-holiday for SEC teams.

  2. Yep,... either a bye week or a practice game. SC and Georgia being the exception.