Sunday, September 1, 2013

No Three Peat For Bama,…. Unless,…..


Unless the offensive line starts to play better. As I was reminded last night, it all starts up front. On the line. If the line isn’t doing its job, you cannot run the ball or pass the ball effectively. That is exactly what happened last night to Alabama. You have got to give Virginia Tech credit for stacking the box on defense and making it a long night for the young Bama line. The O-line as a whole looked lost at times and you had veterans making mistakes with penalties. While AJ was running for his life at times, the receivers didn’t help him out much by getting open. The running backs have got to pass block better in order to give AJ a little more time to throw the ball.

I realize that this is the first game. New starters on the line, on defense and the backfield. But the play has got to improve and improve quickly. Virginia Tech is good, but they aren’t an SEC team. Not to take anything away from the Hokies. They played well and had a good game plan. I wish them luck the rest of they way. But if this had been a top SEC team that Bama played last night,… the loss would have stung. A&M is next in two weeks. Ole Miss will give Bama all they want and more and LSU is probably the best team in the SEC right now. Come on Bama,… get it together so I don’t sound like a spoiled brat whining.

Speaking of spoiled brats, Johnny Football displayed what kind of character he has by his thuggish display towards the Rice players yesterday.  

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