Thursday, September 26, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Five,….


Time flies when you’re having fun. For this Bama fan time is dragging a bit. With that said,… lets get this weeks picks in.

Florida at Kentucky,… While the Wildcats seem to be improving a bit,… I don’t think it will be enough to overtake the Jeff Driskel less Gators. The Gators quarterback has been lost for the season. But the Gators have a decent backup in Tyler Murphy who looked decent against the Vols. But then again,… I probably would have looked decent against the Vols. That ain’t sayin a lot, trust me. Florida 24 Kentucky 7

LSU at Georgia,…. Big big game for both teams. Both of these teams could make it to the SEC Championship Game for a redeaux. LSU will win the first go around though,… LSU 31 Georgia 29

Arkansas St at Missouri,… I still can’t figure out why Missouri is in the SEC,… Missouri 38 Arkansas St 17

South Carolina at Central Florida,… Central Florida is 3-0,… and beat Penn State,… South Carolina isn’t Penn State,… this game could be a lot closer than you might think though,… South Carolina 28 Central Florida 20

South Alabama at Tennessee,… Tennessee should get a win this week. South Alabama did beat Western Kentucky though. I think the Vols prevail but this game too could be closer than it should be. Tennessee 34 South Alabama 24

Alabama-B’ham at Vandy,… Picking games with confidence is easy,… this one isn’t. It seems that Vandy has fallen back a bit,… back into, well being Vandy. Vandy 22 UAB 14

Texas A&M at Arkansas,… Well, not to pat myself on the back,… but I did pick Rutgers to beat the Hogs. Right now, I think even auburn could beat Arkansas. Aggies roll. TA&M 48 Arkansas 14 and this could be the half time score.

Ole Miss at Alabama,…. This one scares me. Scares me bad. Why? Not because of the Rebel offense or defense. But because of the lack of both on the Alabama side. I have been assured by my nephew Gary that,… in his words,…

“Bama will be ok this weekend. They went vanilla against CS. They went zone blocking up front with very little motion. They will look better this weekend.”

I sure hope you’re right,…. With that I’m going to pick Alabama 34 Ole Miss 17,… Roll Tide Roll!!

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