Thursday, September 12, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Three,….


This season is chugging right along,… And so are we, barely. I have got to get to feeling better. I almost passed on this weeks picks.

Louisville at Kentucky,… Poor Wildcats,… it is going to be a long year. This game is a rival game but may UK can get them back in roundball. Louisville 50 Kentucky 14

Southern Miss at Arkansas,… Get out the BBQ sauce for this one. The Hogs will smoke the Golden Eagles. Enjoy it now Arky,… this won’t last. Arkansas 37 Southern Miss 14

Tennessee at Oregon,… Ouch! Big ouch if you are a Vol fan. This is another one of those games that could get ugly. Oregon 52 Tennessee 17

Vandy at South Carolina,…. Vandy wants to prove they belong,… South Carolina wants to prove they are still the best in the East. SC is still 10 points better. South Carolina 32 Vandy 22

Mississippi St at auburn,… This could be a good game. But State has too many injuries. Both teams continue to disappoint. auburn 27 Mississippi St 24

Kent State at LSU,…. Another tune up game for the Tigers,…. LSU 54 Kent St 10

Ole Miss at Texas,…. A rising Rebel football squad and a Texas team that has fallen to the depths of,…. Kentucky. This one should be a good game and could go either way. I see the short horns easing out a close one. Texas 28 Ole Miss 27

Alabama at Texas A&M,…. I don’t usually pick against the Tide. This isn’t a revenge game. This is a new season. This game has been eyed for 10 months. Again, it isn’t a revenge game. Yeah right. TA&M 27 Alabama 24

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  1. The Alabama - A & M game is the big one of the day. I expect that Louisville, LSU, and Oregon will win decisively.