Monday, September 30, 2013

The Targeting Rule Has Got To Go,….


Well, maybe not be done away with altogether. But it does need to be changed. I’m all for making the game safer and leading with the head and helmet to helmet contact leads to all kinds of head/neck injuries, so the rule does need to be enforced for that purpose. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the ruling on the field is over turned in the booth by the refs,… do away with the 15 yard personal foul penalty.

Alabama had two calls for this so far this season. The most recent one occurring in the Ole Miss game. Targeting should not have been called to begin with. I’m not real sure a late hit should have been called as it looked like the receiver and defender collided with each other equally rather than the defender making a late hit. Actually the defender stopped and the receiver hits him,… but po ta toe,… pa tot oh.

The late hit call could have gone either way. But the targeting call was the wrong call to make. If an ejection had occurred,… that would have been the tragedy. The officials did get that part right at least. This penalty needs to be removed now and redone by the NCAA.

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