Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lauderdale County Needs To Pay Their Fair Share,…..

What happens to all of the dogs and cats that get dropped off Lauderdale County? I’m not talking Florence city here,… I’m talking the rest of the county. Unless these animals get lucky and find a home where they are dropped off at,… they end up in Florence’s animal shelter. 75% of all the animals are from the county and the county contributes less than 20% of the costs? This won’t do. There is a petition to sign created by Debbie Rappuhn, to try to get additional funding from the county or make them build their own shelter. Below is what you will see at the petition site,… Go sign it today,… Sign Petition Here!!

Lauderdale County animals make up a whopping 75% of the animals brought into the Florence, (Alabama) Animal Shelter, but the County contributes LESS THAN 20% towards the shelter's annual operating costs!!!

The City of Florence is NOT required by law to maintain an animal shelter (but the COUNTY IS!!), and yet the Florence residents continue to support the surrounding County by accepting their animals without receiving adequate funding.  Because of this, HUNDREDS of animals are euthanized each year due to lack of space and resources, despite the best efforts from the volunteer organization HASRA (Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt). 

If Lauderdale County would contribute even HALF the money needed for annual operating costs, the Florence Shelter could become a NO KILL shelter by adopting out or sending animals to rescues all over the country.  Their less than 20% contribution barely touches the cost of animal vaccines, food, care, upkeep, personnel, housing, cleaning supplies, transporting, and other medical costs at the Florence Shelter!!

Year after year, the Florence Animal Shelter has tried to negotiate with Lauderdale County, but they continue to refuse adequate support.  This is why the Florence Animal Shelter MUST SEPARATE from Lauderdale County and they MUST construct their own shelter for county animals.  If the county creates their own shelter, Florence Animal Shelter will IMMEDIATELY become a NO KILL SHELTER!



  1. Consider this shared. There's no way anyone could have said it better!

    1. Thanks. Debbie Rappuhn and all of the volunteers do a great job. I know for a fact that the volunteers have paid for things out of their own pocket for the animal shelter. This is unacceptable.

  2. There is support for a County shelter. Calls to your district County Commissioner and Dewey Mitchell expressing support would be a good start to expanding the idea. 256-760-5750 County Commission Office.