Friday, October 4, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Six,….


Week number six,… simply amazing. If you can find a way to slow down time let me know. It just seems like the season started a few days ago,… not 6 weeks. Well anyway, here is this weeks picks from the SEC,………

Georgia at Tennessee,… Ole Smokey won’t be singing Rocky Top in this one much. And the Georgia starters could be out by the fourth quarter. Almost a bye week for the Dawgs,…. Georgia 42 Tennessee 17

Arkansas at Florida,… Because of injuries, this one will probably be closer than it should be. Almost want to pick the Hogs in an upset but since Florida is at home,… the nod goes to the Gators. Florida 24 Arkansas 20

Missouri at Vandy,…. It seems Vandy has slipped back to being,… well Vandy. The Tigers of Missouri could win this one to stay undefeated. Lets say they do,… just for fun. Missouri 31 Vandy 24

Kentucky at South Carolina,…. Even with Conner Shaw out for the Gamecocks,… it should be an easy win for them. South Carolina 34 Kentucky 7

Mississippi at auburn,… Well,… since losing to Bama last week, Beau Wallace has been mighty quiet. I bet he wishes he had been quiet before the Bama game too. This one smells of upset since the Rebels are playing at auburn,… I want to pick the upset but I just can’t do it. Ole Miss 35 auburn 27

LSU at Mississippi State,…. Home game for the Bulldogs of State and I can’t pick an upset here. LSU could and probably will run wild in this game. And pass at will too. LSU 56 Mississippi St 14

Georgia St vs Alabama,…. An early game for the Tide this week. This is one of those games I personally hate to see scheduled this late in the season. First game,… maybe. Just to see how the team responds in a real game. But not the sixth week. Bama back ups should play plenty in this one. Alabama 45 Georgia St 3

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  1. That's pretty much how I see it too. But Florida should have a larger spread over Arkansas.