Thursday, October 17, 2013

This Christmas,… Shop Local,….

shop small

Why not? Shop local when you can for everything throughout the year but starting this holiday season, why not shop local? Shop the mom and pop stores. Eat at the local sandwich shops, cafes, restaurants. Buy your gasoline from local and/or American owned stores. Keep your local community thriving from the dollars you spend. Even IF,… you pay a little more for it.

Do you think WalMart cares if you walk into their store? Does the manager know your name? I know the board of directors don’t know your name. And the money you spend there mostly goes out of town. Same with Target, Kmart, Lowes and Home Depot. Shop your downtown areas. Florence and Tuscumbia have great shopping downtown and Sheffield has revamped a bit. These people are our neighbors,… our friends. People we know and they know us. Help keep your dollars local by shopping,… LOCAL!! It is a win/win situation.

Can’t find the right gift shopping local? Ask the merchant if they offer gift certificates. Most do offer this option. Local merchants? If you don’t offer gift certificates,… You might want to look into doing so. It could increase your business. Not just during the holiday season but all year round too.


  1. Better yet, shop in the county if possible. County residents pay a very high percentage of sales tax collected by the towns and cities in our area but millage tagged for education leaves county schools watching the bus go by. Florence City Schools serve only around 20% of Lauderdale students yet they receive millions more in sales tax, most of which is probably paid by county residents.

  2. Baby steps. Weening people off of walmart is tough enough. But yes,.. anything in the counties would be good too. Shop there for sure. I just can't think of many.

  3. Sad but true. Building in the county presents a myriad of issues dealing with public health and the environment. However, if you can shop at a local discount store ($ store), communities have one, and their stock varieties are constantly growing to include items such as wine, books, magazines, etc., more of your sales tax will go to your child's county school. Piggly Wiggly located in Central is one good grocery store which has no town or city to remit sales tax so more of those tax dollars go to the county system. Lexington, Rogersville and other small towns have a better variety of merchants and sales tax collected in those class municipalities help their towns and schools alike. There are several mom and pop stores that stock groceries as well as basic hardware lines, auto parts too. Support your neighbor's business.Leave the mega stores to those whose entertainment is found there. I've heard of people going to the mega marts regularly for their weekly trip to town for both supplies and entertainment. People please, its not the fair. The Walton family seems bent on destroying the small business owner and small farmer alike, not to mention their seemingly apparent affinity for acquiring historical sites for their monstrous buildings.