Saturday, November 30, 2013

Forget Lee Corso,… Naked Baby Says,….

naked baby

Don’t bet a lot on this game. While the tigers of auburn match up fairly well with the Tide, the offense is one dimensional. The running game is great for auburn but the passing game lacks weapons. That is not to say they can’t pass, they can, but auburn is a run heavy offense. Bama is more balanced in the offensive attack and if Bama were to get behind early, it would be easier for Bama to come from behind that it would be auburn because of the pass/run balance.

auburn has much to play for as does Bama. While auburn still could sneak into the national title talk, it is highly doubtful that Florida St or Ohio St lose a game with what they have left. auburn beating Bama simply will not catapult the tigers over an undefeated team. But auburn could still win the SEC. And after last years disastrous season on the plains who would have seen the turnaround that auburn has made this year.

While I said earlier to not bet a lot on this game, I do think Bama wins by three touchdowns. But this is the Iron Bowl and anything can happen. And usually does. Roll Tide Roll!!

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