Friday, November 15, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Twelve,…


Week 12,… Hard to believe the regular season is winding down. Three coaches on the warm to hot seat are, Will Muschamp, Dan Mullen and possibly Mark Richt. Will’s seat seems to be the warmest right now but it isn’t totally his fault. They are down to a 3rd string quarterback at Florida. Mullen and Richt seem to always come to the top when talking about coaches and their jobs. While both guys have done okay with what they have do their fans and alumni continue to be satisfied with mediocre seasons? I do think each of the three get one more year,…


Florida at South Carolina,… I never thought I’d see the day when a Florida win over South Carolina would be an upset. But if the Gators win that is exactly what it would be. But it won’t happen. South Carolina 28 Florida 17


Georgia at auburn,… Georgia could be a test for the tigers of auburn. auburn has success running the ball and Georgia is tough to run on. I really hate to pick auburn,… auburn 35 Georgia 21


Kentucky at Vandy,… This could prove to be a good game. Vandy can get bowl eligible with a win,… Vandy will go bowling. Vandy 32 Kentucky 17


Troy at Ole Miss,… Name your score. Should be a fun game for the Rebels,…. Ole Miss 44 Troy 7


Alabama at Mississippi State,…. I wish I could say name your score here. State always plays Bama tough and those cowbells will be ringing early in the game. Halftime should be closer than most Bama fans like but the Tide will pull away in the second half. This game scares me a bit because State has some athletes that do a good job. Those cowbells will fade as the game wears on. Alabama 35 Mississippi Sate 14

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