Saturday, December 28, 2013

Amber Alert for Mackenzie Crosswhite,…..UPDATED!!

This is now a kidnapping. There has not been an Amber Alert in place for this little girl. If anyone from the Killen Alabama or surrounding areas please post this. Her name is Mackenzie Crosswhite. She is 15 years of age and is the Daughter of James Crosswhite. If anyone has seen this Child in your area please contact the FBI at once and also email to This is serious and may depend on this girls survival at this time. So please help out.
Please feel free to share the above picture and/or this blog post. I cannot imagine what the family is going through. This IS a local child missing from her home in Killen.
From the girls fathers facebook page,.... Update: Police have located Mackenzie and have her in custody. From the little info we know, she is doing ok. THANK YOU all for your prayers, concern, sharing her pictures, etc. that have helped us.
While I did get the information off of the fathers facebook page, it seems that either he or someone speaking/typing for him on his page supplied some misinformation. The girl wasn't kidnapped, she left the residence via a window. The girl was found in a nearby town,... Muscle Shoals and all of the details aren't out yet if they ever will be. The local printed paper didn't even cover the story. I personally feel whoever was typing/speaking for the father went a bit overboard with their information. But then again, I've never had a child leave my house in the manner Mackenzie did. If she were my child she would not have access to any phone, computer, tablet or chalkboard for a long long time. The family needs to publicly apologize for giving out misinformation. The local authorities are to be commended on their efforts in finding her and what if one of them had been involved in an accident while looking for Miss Crosswhite?  



  2. I swear I think I saw this kid last night at CiCi's pizza on South Parkway in Huntsville AL. around 8 P.M. except with short hair like a boy. With an elderly man. Like, I'm 90% positive. Either she has a twin brother or someone cut off her hair to disguise her. If you're able to contact them for video footage; they were sitting in a booth up against the windows and it was the booth closet to the entrance.

    1. TY Amy,... I sent your message to her dad.

  3. I live in Florence Alabama which is 10 miles from where she disappeared and have been sharing her photo and story since I saw it last night, I even checked with my niece and nephew that live in the area and are the same age if they knew her or had seen her praying for her family and her safety

    1. Thats what it takes,.... Thanks for the comment and helping spread the word. I just updated about her being found safe. Prayers had a "yes" answer this time. Parents, please please pay attention to what your children do, who they associate with. Snoop if you have to, that is your right as a parent to keep them safe.

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    1. YES!! I updated the blog a few hours ago. Around the 3:40 pm mark. So glad it has a happy ending.