Sunday, December 1, 2013

I Am Ashamed To Be An Alabama Football Fan,….



First I want to say that I am proud to be a Bama fan this morning. Yes the sun came up, yes life goes on. Football isn’t life or death. Congrats to auburn, the fans and alumni. I won’t be pulling for you guys in the SEC Championship game,… but that’s just me. I don’t care if the crystal stays in state. For me, if it can’t be in Tuscaloosa, as a Bama fan I sure don’t want it on the Plains. Go Florida St! That isn’t me being hateful or mean spirited, that is just the way I feel. I’m sure there are auburn fans that feel the same way about Bama too. I can respect that. I can’t respect the mamby pamby fan that pulls for both teams.

What I’m really ill and ashamed about is how Bams fans reacted on facebook. I have deleted auburn fans before for being, for lack of a better term, stupid. But I actually deleted a Bama fan for the same thing. And almost deleted another. But what really got under my skin was twitter. Cade Foster, our kicker, received some nasty tweets from supposedly Alabama fans. Here is the link to some of those Cade Foster Harassed. Warning some of those tweets are a bit graphic. There ought to be arrests made for some of those tweets. I am ashamed for those people to be labeled Bama fans. Those aren’t fans, they are fanatics. Idiots who need to realize what life is about. Those type of fans disgust me. These players are kids,.. Some are fresh out of high school. And we fans call ourselves adults. Below is something I found at and it is totally spot on. This guy understands college football and more importantly what it is like to be an Alabama fan.


Moving beyond the scope of yesterday's game how can you not be absolutely amazed and proud at what this program has accomplished since going 7-6 in 2007? And guess what folks? Our recruiting says we're not finished. I don't believe in football "gods" but I do believe in percentages and probabilities. The percentages and probabilities just doesn't go in your favor with each passing national title. Don't believe me? How many three consecutive national champions have their been since the AP poll? Why is that? Because it's freakin' hard as heck that's why.
I'm not a player nor a coach and this entire year EVEN I could feel the pressure of having to win each week. I can only imagine how it is being a player or coach. Now that it is over and the pressure is off. Take the time to enjoy and look at what this program has accomplished. Three national titles in four years. We're one of the very few programs who's done it multiple times. We've had one of the greatest runs in college football history. Our recruiting is better than ever and the best coach in college football plans on staying here til he retires. Don't let one game and one year of not winning a NC blind you from what historic feat has been accomplished and how bright the future still is at Bama.
As for Auburn. They've had some amazing breaks go there way to get to where they are. A lot of their fans are buying into this is how it is going to be from here on out. But we know better. Not because it's Auburn but because we've been there. The pressure gets greater and greater and greater with each passing win. Only a very few can handle and push through it. There will come a game or games where the breaks for Auburn aren't there as they have been the past two games and odds are they will come crashing down to reality. They aren't anywhere close to having the talent to going on a run we just came off of. And my money is on that they won't even scratch surface of what we've accomplished over the last four years. Remember when they won it in 2010? That was supposed to be the turning point and the beginning of their "run". Didn't happen. When your wins come on miracles your foundation is on shifting sand. Auburn hasn't "taken over" anything.


  1. That field goal was, at best, a real longshot. In no way was it the kicker's fault. Some extreme fans can be idiots.

  2. You know I'm not a Bama fan (at least first!), but I support the young man Cade. He must feel terribly about the loss and doesn't deserve such criticism. I'm sure his critics have never had a bad day in their lives...UmHummm, much less have made it to senior status in college. Very nice post, OB!