Friday, December 6, 2013

Iron Bowl 2? It Is Possible,…. And Congrats Muscle Shoals,….

Thanks Allen W for the email. Here is Allen’s email,…

Just for discussion, blogs are saying Bama/Clemson in the Orange, also, the possibility of an Iron Bowl II in the Sugar, if Auburn wins SEC, and does not make the BCS Ch.  These are just thoughts for your blog and opinion in the future.......



Actually there are two possible ways that we could have an Iron Bowl 2. One is Florida St loses to Duke, Ohio St loses to Michigan St, auburn wins against Missouri. Bama being number 4 would move up to number 2 and auburn would be ranked 1. Both would be Pasadena bound. The other scenario would be Florida St and Ohio St both win, auburn beats Missouri. Florida St and Ohio St would be in the BCS Championship game in Pasadena. auburn would then go to New Orleans in the Sugar Bowl. Bama most likely would get an Orange Bowl invite,.. but does the Tide turn it down to possibly be invited to the Sugar? Stranger things have happened and there would have to be some wheeling and dealing behind the curtain but the Sugar is possible. And man what a bowl game that would be. New Orleans would be rocking for sure.


Also congrats on a fine fine season to the Muscle Shoals High School Trojans. They are runners up in the 5A class and have represented the city and entire Shoals area well. 

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