Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Is Walmart in Muscle Shoals Ripping People Off?,……

Wow,… if true this really doesn’t surprise me. It goes along with how they treat their employees too though. Shoalanda’s take on a customers report of what happened at Walmart,… “As reported to me, WallyWorld 'sold' 32-inch LED HD TVs on 'Black Thursday' for $98/each. Naturally, they ran out before all customers were able to purchase one. So...WallyWorld 'sold' them the TVs, via a sort of 'rain check' deal,” Read the rest of the story Here.

I’ve put together some of the shoppers from Walmart as they do their Holiday shopping,…. enjoy.


This guy is in the Christmas spirit,… or the spiked eggnog.


Dashing through the snow?,…..


Waiting for Santa,……


I got nothing,……


And I'm too sexy for your party,… Too sexy for your party,….  No way I'm disco dancing


Great shoes,…..


  1. I wonder if they dress/go out in public that way just to see if they can make the "People of Walmart" site. I just can't get it.

  2. I know,... it is just hard to fathom people dressing like this and going out in public,... But then again they could be from Weeden Heights,.... hahaha,.......

  3. Wal-Mart shoppers occasionally go over the top.

    There are some strange ones at Earth Fare, too.