Friday, December 27, 2013

New Year Resolutions,….


I don’t usually make New Year resolutions. They get broken more often than being kept. But sometimes they are fun to do and try to keep. This year I want to try to shop even more with the mom and pop shops. Guess how many times I went into walmart last year,…. I think once,… but I didn’t buy anything. I drive by the walmart grocery on Florence Blvd and the parking lot while not flowing over, has several vehicles in it. I just shake my head. I just don’t understand peoples mentality when going to buy some groceries or items needed for the home. For me personally, even if I liked walmart I wouldn’t go there for those items based almost solely on the amount of time it takes to park, shop and stand in line. My time is worth a little. Wasting time for those things just seems, foolish.

Shopping at walmart and supporting them just isn’t my cup of tea. Just this week, Lil Steve’s is sponsoring the Northwest Alabama Christmas Tournament. The area high school basketball tourney. Ever see walmart do that around here? Nope. Mom and pop shops, local business gives back to the community. This is just one example of a local business donating dollars to the community.

This next year, I urge all of you to shop local more. Shop in your downtown areas when you can. More often than not, the downtown areas are the lifeblood of a town or city. Sure, you might pay a little more. But think of it as a donation too. A donation to your town, your neighbors, your area. You will be a winner in the end.

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