Thursday, December 26, 2013

Van Tiffin,… Throwback Thursday,….

”The Kick” as it would be termed later was one of the most dramatic wins in Bama football history. Bama didn’t rely on luck or a fluke play this day. They won with a 52 yard field goal as time expired. This was one of those things that happens and you remember where you were that day. As the kick sailed through the uprights, the field goal giving Bama the win,… one thing you will not see is fans rushing the field. Alabama fans have more class than that. At Alabama they don’t rush the field after a dramatic win or tear down the goalposts. auburn did. They rushed the field after their fluke play winning this past Iron Bowl. The SEC also fined them for it. While the fine was only $5000, those type of situations can be very dangerous to the fans. They can be hit, elbowed and even trampled on. For safety reasons it just makes sense. Roll Tide Roll and Roll Noles Roll!!

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