Thursday, January 2, 2014

Alabama versus Oklahoma,… Sugar Bowl,….


Well judging by the above photo the Allstate Sugar Bowl is expecting a lot of mayhem. I do expect it to be a good game and quite possibly a toss up at this point. I think it will be closer than many Bama fans think and could end up a loss for Bama.

But,…. if Bama plays its game, controls the lines of scrimmage, eliminates turnovers and penalties,… Bama wins by two scores. Almost any variation of the above and the game is closer or Bama loses.

Oklahoma has a proud tradition in college football and is one of the top 5 schools along with Alabama to ever play college football. I like this match up because it creates challenges for Bama. The Tide has to refocus the entire season because of the last game and they do not want this game to be like the Utah game in 08 was it? The Tide was embarrassed that night. It won’t happen tonight either. The Bama seniors want to go out winners and winning 12 games in a season along with beating a storied program like the Sooners will make this season a success. It is funny though that we Bama fans complain about these type of seasons. We are just a tad spoiled. I think the loss to auburn was needed to put a fire back into the team,… Bama wins this one going away,… Bama 35 Oklahoma 10  

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