Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sad Day in Florence,… Times Three,….

It has been a sad day in Florence for the past few days actually. The latest being a death from a man that I didn’t know at all. Several people on facebook did have the pleasure of knowing and working with Dr. Larry Nelson. He has been sick for several months and just watching the responses to posts about him and his illness was amazing. He had to be an amazing person to have that much respect and love from his students, faculty, family and friends. Thoughts and prayers go out to all of you.


Debbie Rapphun, Shoals Woman of the Year 2011, was relieved of her animal shelter volunteering duties for 30 days by Ron Tyler, chief of the Florence Police Dept. When the FPD took control of the animal shelter recently, I had a bad feeling about it then. Not for Ms Rapphun but just the whole animal shelter. I never dreamed she would be put into a “timeout” situation with the work she does there. I am strictly guessing at this point but with the attitude and egos most (not all) officers seem to have, something like this was bound to happen. Like I said, I’m strictly guessing,… but I’d also bet my last dollar that isn’t too far off the mark. Ms Rapphun is to be commended for the work she and the other volunteers have done. In the time Ms Rapphun has been there the kill rate has gone from 85% to 12%. A 73% turnaround. That is amazing in itself. She was also responsible for some of the painting in the rooms. cabinets and floors. The labor came out of her own pocket.  So if the kill rate goes back up in these 30 days,… can the chief of police and the dept be held accountable for abusing animals?


And finally,…. Walmart. The new Wally World opened today amid much fanfare. Truly sad. The city council sold out the local mom and pop stores in the area. Local business means very little to some. As I’ve said before, I have never worked for anyone that worked at a Walmart. Why? Because they can’t afford it. Shop those local stores in this area, your area wherever that may be. Local store owners give back more to the community. Support them when you can. They are your neighbors and friends.


Ole Dick helped sell out the local business owners,….


  1. There's a lot I don't understand in this old why such a wonderful and loved man like Dr. Nelson leaves us way too soon.

    Hoping I don't sound like an idiot, but I did not know FPD took over the animal shelter. Maybe I should start reading the TD more? I had been wondering what happened with Debbie! I wonder if she will go back. And why/how in the world did the FPD take over???

    Walmart? Yes, I expect it will be a record low sales for Foodland, Big Star, and maybe even the small pharmacies that have been in business for years and years lining Cloverdale/N Wood Ave. I think one day...when it's too late...all of America will realize that Walmart may not have been the best idea. Kinda like the current administration. Will I shop there? In all likelihood, I will. I can't always find what I need/want at a local store, and often times, the cost is just out of my range.

    1. Yes, the FPD took over the animal shelter. I think this was after they incorporated the park rangers too. Why, is a question I can't answer. But it may go back to the mayor. Not for use on that. And no,... no,... you'd never sound like an idiot lol. You don't learn unless you ask. Just wish I had better answers for you.

  2. I am very sorry about Dr, Larry Nelson. He will be missed.