Monday, February 3, 2014

Florence Animal Shelter,… What Is Going On?,…..

An employee with the shelter has left her job there. Apparently there are other things going on at the shelter that the city needs to deal with and deal with it soon. In this economy people just don’t walk away from a job. And working with animals,… I would think would be harder to leave because of the bonds one makes with them. Florence? Chief Tyler? Mr Mayor? Y’all need to step up and do something. Animal lives depend on it.

This is a post from former employee Robin Goforth. She granted me permission to blog her post. Wish you well in your endeavors.

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I'm very sad to say as of Saturday Feb 1st I have left my job at the Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter. Though I have loved my job and animals with all my heart the shelter has become a negative and unsupportive environment to work in. In the past months it has been insinuated and accused that drugs needed to locked away. Though others have illegally taken in drugs it is I who was questioned when I didn't know the drugs existed. I was never apologized to for any of it. I have not received much support for the work I do with rescues. Instead I have had to deal with comments that we should sell puppies rather than let them go to rescue. I have been accused of brokering animals. This comment has hurt me beyond words. I have fostered over 700 dogs and puppies and often used my own paycheck to hospitalize dying fosters. I have never made money off of an animal. Attempts to keep fosters and paperwork in order has been met with resistance. I have been treated rudely by other employees. I have had employees complain that I need to work and do more though I have often worked 90 hours a week and generally come in to work 2-3 hours before some. I have now had employee try to interfere in my personal friendships by insinuating I have or being spoken badly of. I have been told multiple times others who are not my superiors run the shelter. I have been told I'm replaceable and often been made to feel if I disagree about anything, I will be fired. All of this has built to a point that I cannot personally deal with it any longer. I will miss the animals at the shelter terribly. They are the only reason I have stayed as long as I have. I want to thank HASRA fosters and volunteers who have given me support through all of this. The hugs and words of encouragement. For showing appreciation. I appreciate all of you so much for what you have done and do for the animals. I hope to be able to work with all of you and the community to help save the animals.


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