Sunday, February 9, 2014

Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter,…. Why?


The Florence –Lauderdale Animal Shelter is on facebook begging for items they need. This was done way before the police department took over the reins of the shelter, so one could somewhat understand why the shelter was asking for donations way back then. I don’t understand it now though. The shelter is under the police dept and they are still asking for donations. Why? I asked this question on one of their facebook posts yesterday only to see it be removed. My question is no longer on that post. All I asked was the shelter not covered in the police dept’s budget. It was a serious question. I wanted an answer,… but apparently they thought I was being snarky.

You do not see the water dept asking for plumbing fittings or pipe. You don’t see the electric company asking for insulators or wire. You don’t see the park rangers, who are also under the police dept asking for gasoline. So why do we see the animal shelter begging for dogs treats, cat litter and bleach? It was a serious question.


  1. Sigh. Really? It is much like comparing apples and oranges. The Shelter takes in hundreds of animals a week -- their budget is too small (have you been keeping up with the attempts to get it increased? That's been in the news, too) and their needs change almost daily and cannot be anticipated . The Utility Department, on the other hand, pretty much does the same things for the same number of people day in and day out. I have to wonder if your sudden interest in this is connected to the "odd" appearance in the Times Daily of an inaccurate article regarding parvo at the shelter.

  2. Thank you for your comment first and foremost. No this is apple and apples. When the shelter fell under the Florence PD,... The shelters budget should have been increased. The FPD since they have control over the shelter should supply money,... part of their budget into the shelter. That was my point. If the FPD can weed out employees and volunteers, then they should be able to furnish needed supplies so that the volunteers do not have to beg for such. My sudden interest by the way goes back for a while. Ever since I painted down there. Back when the new adult cat area was made in an unused room. And no, I have no clue about parvo at the shelter. Didn't even know about that.