Friday, February 14, 2014

Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt (HASRA) Breaking News,…


This from HASHA,…. “We have an amazingly generous donor who wants to MATCH your contributions up to $10,000 to help H.A.S.R.A. reach our goals for 2014!
Remember, we are a 501C3 organization and your contributions are entirely TAX DEDUCTIBLE. Please visit our donation site for more information on how YOU can help us continue to save animals from the Shoals area.”

$10,000,…. that is a generous offer for sure. This will certainly help the efforts of this group as they move forward and continue to help the animals that can’t speak for themselves. Also a donation for the new sanctuary has been made in Honor of Amanda Hamby. When the building is complete, we will be naming a kennel in her honor and memory. Amanda passed away this week and she would be proud of this honor. RIP e.

Feel free to share this blog post,… or just share this link to HASRA Go here to donate You can also click the photo at the top right corner to take you there to donate and updates on their progress. With your donations you really are giving the gift of life to these animals.

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