Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why Did The Florence/Lauderdale Animal Shelter Take A Post Down?,….

This is a post that the FLAS had posted on their facebook page today,… “This is not a drill! We have more dogs than we have room for! Tough decisions will have to be made tomorrow.” Tough decisions? The kill rate is about to go up at the shelter. But then suddenly it(the post) disappeared when confronted about the post and the goings on at the shelter. To which the shelter responded, “That isn’t true” when told they were running people off. Both employees and volunteers. I think the mayor needs to step in and take control instead of drinking coffee at grand openings as he was doing this morning at Mattress King. Think the world of ya Mickey,but priorities ya know. I’m sure you are on it,… right?



  1. Politics aside EVERYONE can still help share and network to rescues the dogs at the shelter.

  2. As far as I'm concerned. The one's running people off are gone !! YAY...