Saturday, March 22, 2014

Elite Motor Company,….

Passing through Killen Alabama the other day I saw a used car dealership that was just neat as a pin. They had some nice looking late model vehicles to offer. I had them on facebook but failed to read their “about” section. My apologies for taking so long. So here is what they say about their dealership. “Chad Peters and Brock Reynolds have a combined 36 years in the car business. We specialize in hard to find and also lower mile autos of all kinds. We do not buy at auctions;we buy strictly new car trades and from used dealer friends we have known for a long time.We offer these quality vehicles for sale to our customers.” They are not a buy here/pay here type of place. To me,… That and along with not buying at auctions, makes them more reputable. Here are some of the customer comments from their facebook page,… You can also click HERE to like their page and see for yourself.
They where great people and good service! And made me a great deal!

I made a great decision to buy my first car here and it was a wonderful experience all the way around and I got a fantastic vehicle. This is a wonderful business ran by truly stand up men!! Thanks again for such a great car buying experience!! :)

Elite Motor Company stands for FAMILY. Yes it is A small, local business.
After many long years of running dealerships and balancing the emotional ups and downs that were thrown to them, two men who knew the time had come... to do something that would uncover the keys to unlock this fields' future Success.
1. Know Two names
Chad Peters and Brock Reynolds
You invest a lot in your vehicle. You take pride it in. You depend on it.
Wouldn't it make sense to do business with YOUR name on it... with two sales veterans... who REALLY Know The truth behind what value and quality
Family owned & operated!
Some of the quality vehicles that they have offered,…
When thinking about your next vehicle purchase, give these guys a call or go by and visit. Located just past the light in downtown Killen on the left if you are going east. (towards Huntsville for all of you people that don’t know where east is) I kid, I kid,…EDIT NOTE,... Thank you to Cynthia for pointing out that I had the other left mentioned instead of the right left. And here I was making fun of people that didn't know east from west,.... well that backfired!! lol,... Thanks again Cynthia.

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