Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Was The Only White Kid On The Bus,…

Way back in the 7th grade on my way to Weeden School, I was nervous because I was changing schools and having to catch a bus at the end of MinneHaHa St. If I remember correctly, Joiner was the bus line transporting students back then. Well my first day on the bus probably couldn’t have been more traumatic for a skinny white kid. Everyone on the bus was black. I was the only white kid.

Getting on the bus, I look for a place to sit. Not many places are available but one seat is open and this slightly chubby black kid motions for me to sit by him. Dwight King was his name and everyone called him Pig. We quickly became friends and as it would have it, we worked together a few years later at Wilson Food Center on College St in West Florence. We worked together for 2-3 years there while in high school and even hung out a few times after work. The Natchez Trace Park Rangers had us clocked at 132 mph on the trace on Friday night after work. Long story short,… we had the opportunity to laugh about that night years later and count our blessings. I still don’t believe we were going that fast,… the rangers had the color of the car wrong,… and the tag number too. If we hadn’t hit 3 trees we would have lost them. But anyway.


Pig was always smiling. His smile would light up a room. I would stop in at Wilson’s from time to time to see Pig and Russell Lyons who still works there today. He is the butcher and Pig worked the produce. I just learned today of Pig passing away due to cancer. He died in Oct of 2012. I do not know how I missed his obit because most mornings I check them first to make sure I’m not in them. But I did miss his.  I will be stopping in Wilson’s soon to see Russell,….

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