Monday, March 3, 2014

Shop AND Eat Local,… Now More Than Ever,…


Always, always try to shop the mom and pop stores. Your local home owned businesses provide your local town with jobs and keeps the money in your city or town.

The money you spend in these local businesses helps your city. Most of the money you spend at the big box stores such as Walmart, Target, Lowes,… goes out of town. Sure, they supply jobs but as I have said many many times, I have never worked for anyone that worked at Walmart,… why? Because they cannot afford to hire me. It isn’t because of outrageous prices from us,… it is because the vast majority of big box employees simply don’t make enough money. Same goes for Lowes and Target. Never have had a customer from any of those stores. Our business is almost 100% from local business owners. People that own a pharmacy or a lawyer or doctor,  someone who owns a restaurant or a specialty store. It is these people that helps our business and the reason why I try to promote their business.

It used to be that on any given Saturday you could go to Big Star in North Florence and have to look for a place to park. I was there a couple of weeks ago and there was around 10 cars in the parking lot. 10 cars. When the announcement of the new Walmart on Cloverdale Rd was made, I said then that it would cost local jobs. I wasn’t the only one to say that and sadly it looks like it could come true. I hope I’m wrong. I also saw on the marquee at Massey Drugs, just north of the new Walmart, that they would match Walmarts prescription prices,… without the wait. I thought that was brilliant. I just hope Walmart shoppers saw it too. Shop AND eat local when you can. Try to break the Walmart habit. Keep the local shops open and support them as much as possible. They are the lifeblood of a good thriving economy.

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