Monday, March 31, 2014

Singin’ River Brewing and Southern Package,…..

The ultimate in mom and pop businesses. The local upstart Singin’ River Brewing Co has hit a home run with five different brews they offer. We did the Handy’s Gold Blonde and it was good. Will have to try the others later. Rob Jones and his wife Michelle (owners of Singin' River Brewing) were at Southern Package Saturday to meet and greet customers. Rob got to see a repeat customer purchase some of his draft so repeat business means you are doing it right! I went in green as a gourd as far as knowing how to purchase this but it was a piece of cake with the service that Southern Package provided. I learned what a growler was. I had no clue!! Southern was the first area store to carry all five of the different brews Singin’ River offers beginning on day one of Singin’ River providing beer. Friendly folks,… good products at good prices. You cannot go wrong with that. Thanks guys for making my first draft purchase to go an easy one. Much luck to Singin’ River and to Southern Package.

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