Saturday, March 15, 2014

the end,….

No,… sorry to disappoint,… this isn’t the end of my blog and/or ramblings. This is about a local music venue that in their own words,… “It is the mission of the end. to expose the public to unheard, unseen, and unperformed artists and works which will enrich and educate the public in a capacity previously unexplored.” Scott Long has been operating the end for five years now and offers up exactly what his mission statement says. This is a great place for anyone starting out musically and to gain experience performing and sharing your music. I’m very proud to say I got to experience some good music just last night there. My son and the band he is in, Stay Strong Cannonball were quite simply,… punkadelic. The band was crisp and tight and the crowd was into it. Slam Brigade and Economy Cartel also performed and rocked it. Kaitlin Miranda opened the show with some fantastic folk offerings of her own and set the tone for the other bands to equal. She is on reverbnation Click here to listen. Be sure to listen to the song OK. It is a song she wrote that relates to her time spent in the hospital,… good stuff.
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  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your experience and hope to see you again soon.