Saturday, April 5, 2014

1100 Jobs Lost In Florence Alabama,….

A sad, sad day for many in Florence Alabama yesterday with the announcement of Hillshire Brands closing this year. 1100 jobs will be lost and Florence moves that much closer to a retirement community. But yet the city still finds a way to support 3 walmarts,… this is just simply amazing. Hillshire employees,… You people are in my thoughts and prayers. A local computer service company,… Excel, is offering to repair at no charge, Hillshire employees computers through the end of the year,…. in Excels words,… “Man, the news of the 1,100 employees who shall soon lose their jobs at Hillshire Brands really hits home for a significant number of our populace. Those people are going to need jobs--or at least ways to find jobs. Computers are how we find jobs these days.
So from now until the end of this year--or for as long as it takes--Excel Computer Services will repair, AT NO CHARGE, any computer owned by any Hillshire employee. We will do our best to help you any other way we can.
Please pass it on.” Nice gesture by a local mom and pop store. Kudos Jim Fisher. This goes back to what I’ve been preachin!! Mom and pop stores give back,……… buy local whenever you can.


A local attorney, Tina Parker had a great post on facebook about the situation of job loss and government leaders. They really need to pay attention to these words,… but then of course the Florence City Council apparently don’t know how to respond to simple emails. So I guess it’s a moot point,…. Nicely stated Tina,…. “ Another company just announced that it is leaving the Shoals. This is my open letter to Shoals mayors and councils. Where are you traveling to recruit companies to our area? What tax incentives are you prepared to offer them to lure them? Do you have a plan? Are you ready to work together as a community of leaders? It's great to be proud of your city, but when your citizens are commuting an hour each way to work, your city is losing revenue. Your citizens are losing time with their families. Our area has experienced almost no growth while Athens, Huntsville, and Decatur are posting big numbers. You want to know the negative of being a "wonderful retirement area"? Eventually the people all die. Please, for the good of those of us who love the Shoals and want to see it prosper like our neighboring cities to the east, think outside the box. Go meet with the leadership in the Huntsville, Madison, and Athens area and see what's working for them. This isn't a field of dreams: just because we build a building, that doesn't mean they will come. Please go get them. We have an incredible work force. Let's put them to work -- here.”

It is time we got new people in SEDA, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Board and all of the other money sucking programs that are for our benefit,… it is time Shoals area,… lets not let the Shoals become a retirement community. Retirees die a lot quicker than hard working younger people,… lets don’t let the Shoals dry up.

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