Sunday, April 20, 2014

Alabama Football,…. Woe Is Us!?!?,…

Well the Spring game has come and gone. No more football until the Fall practice begins. 133 days or so, but who is counting?
If the season goes as badly as the Spring game did, opponents will be saying “oh yes we do” to the tee shirt above.
While the offense was very vanilla, the execution was not there from the quarterback spot. Understand that the qb play was limited but again that shouldn’t have any bearing on being able to connect on a pass. The offensive line play was probably as expected. The left side of the line needs work and playing time together. The right side did okay so I would think there will be some moving around personnel there. The defensive line was probably one of the bright spots along with surprisingly the defensive backs. Tony Brown will be special. Linebacker play was solid so as of right now the defense is ahead of the offense. That was expected.
When I predicted 60,000 at the game I went low because of the Easter weekend. 73,000 or so showed up to watch the scrimmage but I still got closer than Adam Griffith’s PAT attempt that he missed. You don’t miss those. It looks like the kicking woes will continue.
Don’t expect any championships this year Tide fans. Maybe a top 15 finish at seasons end,…

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  1. Every team has a rebuilding year from time to time.