Sunday, April 27, 2014

Be Weather Aware,….

Bennington-Tornado-7April 27, 2011. If you lived in Northwest Alabama then you need no introduction to that date. 348 people died as a result of the tornados that went across the area. 211 tornados were confirmed to have touched down in the Southeast during this time. Florence was lucky. Tuscaloosa, Phil Campbell and other towns were not so lucky. I awoke on the 27th to a small tree on the porch roof that day. We had no power and I had to go find coffee. I had luck finding Krystal open with power. I did go to work that day,… driving through Sheffield I remember damage on 2nd Street across from the Shell store. That was about all I saw on my way to a house behind the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.
During my time at work,…. the sky became dark. Hail started hitting the tin roof and had blown onto the front porch. My first thought was blossoms of the trees had blown onto the porch floor. But no,… it was hail. The warning sirens were going off, only in Colbert County it is not a siren but a spoken message that is not very audible. I was just hoping the power would stay on so I could get done.
Driving home I went through Tuscumbia. I had to detour at Deshler because water was over the road and it was blocked off. Trees were down in several places around town. Not those wimpy Bradford Pear or Hackberry trees. These were big Oak trees. Down by the roots. I wanted to get home faster now because I had no clue what had happened. I made it home fine and we had power but no cable, so no TV or internet for 3 days. I had no clue as to what was about to happen and had happened to Tuscaloosa, Phil Campbell and Hackleburg. It wasn’t until we got cable back that I knew. Watching video after video of the devastation I was both in awe and saddened. Alabama came together as one to help each other anyway they could. Alabama stood proud among the devastation and  ruins. Rebuilding still continues.
The next couple of days possibly could be this way again. The forecasters are saying we might have significant weather in terms of heavy thunderstorms and possible tornadic activity Monday and Tuesday. It would be in your best interest to follow real forecasters and meteorologists. Channel 31, 19 and 48 in Huntsville and weather radios are preferred. Do not follow anything from facebook unless it is from one of the tv stations or its own meteorologist. Shoals Weather isn’t qualified as real weather forecasters. Put your life into the hands of real professionals.

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