Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Thank You Comcast,…..


Recent storms knocked out Comcast’s service in my neck of the woods. For one of the very few times that I can remember, Highway 72 past Elk River Bridge was closed due to these storms. Comcast’s lines to the Shoals area were cut off. Cable and internet service came to a halt and guess what? People on facebook actually blamed Comcast for the service interruption. I called about the service being out when it first happened and they said there was an outage in the area. So it wasn’t just me. Then I heard about Hwy 72 and the tornado. Useless knowledge kicked in knowing the Shoals has connections to Comcast in Huntsville so I figured it might even be a few days before service was restored. But it was just a few hours until service was restored. It seemed like days but it was closer to 12-14 hours.

The comments I saw on facebook were amazing though. Two people died because of that same tornado and people on facebook were worried about Days of Our Lives or Candy Crush.

Thank you Comcast for restoring the service back so quickly. We got our service back before 8,000 utility customers did near the storm.


  1. I was told the issue was south of us, not from the damage in the huntsville area? I too lost service, but was unable to speak to anyone for 16 hours. This is a issue every week it seems like. I work from home and have issues with my service weekly. They provide my home phone (for fax mainly), internet and cable tv service. Also, the last person they sent to my home to repair something was extremly inappropriate. On a good day, I have had poor, poor customer service from them, especially with how much I pay each month for the services.

    1. I haven't ever had a problem with service or customer service. I'm sure you've told them these same things. If I had those problems I would look elsewhere for an alternative.

  2. Odd thing....I had cable before 6 a.m. the day after the tornadoes. I had been online for about an hour and then it went out. I had wondered if they had to cut us off to do repairs for Limestone Co. and out that way. My sister lives in Athens....they got power back on last night thanks to those folks who worked tirelessly to get Athens up and running again.