Monday, May 12, 2014

Augie Hendershot For Sheriff!!,………

The race for Lauderdale County Sheriff will soon be decided for both parties.  Voters will decide in June who will face off against each other in November. I almost always vote Republican. I said almost. These days you have to vote for the most qualified. Being Republican used to mean Christian values. Not anymore. A smart voter will look at the person, not the party. and listen to what they say and how they say it. Be an informed voter and just don’t vote for someone because your neighbor is, because your parents are or your spouse. Be informed and know what and who you are voting for. I was convinced that Augie Hendershot was the most qualified candidate for sheriff even before I saw the video. I like the guy, he has done a nice job in Lexington as chief. He is more than qualified to do the job and he is very well thought of as a person. Here is that video and I hope you’ll watch and consider casting your vote for Augie Hendershot.

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