Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chris’ Painting,…..

We have been painting for several years now. Just when you think you have seen it all,… something comes around and surprises you. Sometimes good and sometimes not so good. You have to be able to figure out the what’s and how’s of doing whatever it is. Experience comes into play plus common sense. We like to think we have both.
As an example here are a couple of doors to rooms at El Reposo.

The top door is the before picture. It was a reddish color maybe like a cherry stain. It is from the old part of the facility. The newer part of the facility has doors that lean more to a golden oak color. Quite a contrast. Our job was to make the old doors match closer in color with the newer ones. Obviously these aren’t the same doors but the colors are there. Taking a before and after picture sometimes escapes me.  Chris did an excellent job figuring out the what to use and technique of doing it.
A new set of mahogany doors that we stained and put the sealer on.
The next time you visit Avalon Discount Drugs in Muscle Shoals look to the left. They added a room and the outside wall had to match the rest of the store. This was a nice challenge. And no tape was used in the process.
We specialize is glazing.antiquing cabinets, furniture, doors, ceilings and basically anything you might want stressed. There isn’t much that we haven’t painted. We have painted everything from million dollar houses to a commode seat. You can visit our website at Chris' Painting for more pictures or give her a call at 256.335.9233 for a free estimate. And remember, whenever you hire a contractor to do your work,… for your own protection, make sure they are licensed and insured. 
On a side note,... we have been blessed with some great customers through the years. We have watched their children grow up which kind of makes me feel old. But we have made many friends throughout the years and we are grateful for you. Thank you.

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