Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My NCAA Top 12 PreSeason Picks,….


The above photo depicts part of Athlon’s preseason top 25 Click here to view their top 25. I don’t know what those guys are smoking but it sure must be potent. No way,… and you all know I’m a Bama homer, no way should Alabama be in the top 5. No way. They have too many question marks. The offensive line and quarterback spots are those question marks. I do not look for Jacob Coker to be all that and a bag of chips either. Remember, he was a back up at Florida State. There are just too many unknowns about this team to be a pre season number 2. Besides, until auburn and Oklahoma lose they should be ranked above the Tide. Two other picks by Athlon kind of surprise me. That being UCLA at 7 and South Carolina at 9. I don’t think either team is top 10 material. Oregon and Georgia  and Baylor are also a bit suspect but right now I don’t really know who I would have to replace them. So without further ado,… here are my NCAA Top 12  PreSeason Picks. Remember, these mean absolutely nothing. It’s just fun to talk some football.

1. Florida St,…. They will stay there as long as Jameis Winston quits stealing and raping.

2. auburn,…. The tigers deserve the number 2 spot since this is where they finished. Until they get beat, they should stay there.

3. Ohio St,…. Urban Meyer may just get his team into the 4 team playoff. Not much competition in the Big 10.

4. Oregon,…. The Ducks will be quackin this year. They look to be the cream of the crop in the PAC 12

5. Stanford,… If anyone can keep up with the Ducks, it might be Stanford.

6. Michigan St,… The Spartans had a good year last year and should do it again.

7. Georgia,…. Like I said earlier, I don’t know who else I would have to replace them. Richt may very well end up on the hot seat this year. It has been warm before.

8. Oklahoma,…. Beating Bama was their highlight last year. In much of the same way it was for Utah when they beat Bama. Utah fell off the edge of the earth, OU won’t. But they always seem to lose 1 or 2 games they shouldn’t.

9. USCwest,…. The Trojans fired Lane Kiffin last year and I almost felt sorry for him because of the way he was fired. Almost. I thought it was a classless move on Pat Haden’s part. The Trojans did begin playing better and I think that will carry over to this year. 

10. Alabama,…. I hope the year goes better than my gut is telling me.

11. South Carolina,…. I think the Gamecocks lost too much on both sides of the ball. But,… Clowney really wasn’t much of a force and seemed to be a big baby at times, so who knows.

12. Central Florida,… Bet y’all didn’t see this pick coming.