Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Montagu’s,…. Great Sandwiches,…..


Finding good food at good prices with good service is getting harder and harder to find in an eating establishment anymore. But you will find all three at Montagu’s at the corner of Pine St and Chisholm Road in North Florence. I think they have the best burger in town. I get the cheeseburger with everything and I have them add double bacon. Yes, it is the best burger in town. Hands down.

The Philly Cheesesteak also is the best in the area. You will not find one any better. The fries are great but I have become addicted to the fried pickles. They say this order serves 2-3 people,…. they aren’t kidding. I cannot eat the whole order with a burger,… awesome stuff.

The rest of the items on the menu that I’ve tried are equally as good. I do want to try a grilled cheese and see if they can add bacon to it. I’m sure they can. The onion rings are excellent as is the Polish Dog,… 

Be sure and “like” them on facebook to keep up with specials that they offer from time to time. Click here for facebook page And to view contact info and a menu. Good food, good prices and good service,…. you can’t lose.


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  1. Montagu's is a wonderful restaurant, the best in Flo-town. Gracious hosts too.