Monday, June 16, 2014

Robocycle at Children's Museum of the Shoals,……

Brooks High School's BEST robotics team, Robocon has been given the opportunity to design and build a robotic exhibit for the Children's Museum of the Shoals this summer. The exhibit focuses on the integration of automation technology into the recycling process.With The Children's Museum of the Shoals being a non-profit organization and Brooks High School Robotics not being supported by boosters or school funding we are relying on community support to make this exciting vision a reality. By supporting this project you're not only helping Brooks High School Robotics and The Children's Museum of the Shoals, but you're helping future generations learn about emerging technologies and the importance of "going green".



This note from their fearless leader (sponsor),… Alaina Pettus,… Our Brooks High Robotics team was asked by the director of the Children's Museum to create an exhibit focusing on robotics. All the other details were left up to our team. The students created a design for the museum with a functional robot and wanted the exhibit to focus on recycling. The students then decided on a budget and started to work on raising the necessary funds. This project is completely lead by students from the marketing to the design and building of the robot.


As you can see from the photos the students are working hard to complete this project. But these things do cost money. Can you help these students out? If you can they have a site set up to take donations. CLICK HERE TO DONATE This is a very worthwhile cause and be sure and add them on your facebook page to keep up with their progress,… this is a win/win for the students, Brooks and the Children’s Museum of the Shoals. Go Here To Their Facebook Page,..... Be sure and click “Like”.

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