Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Simply,…. Selma,…..


Oh the hustle and bustle of life,…. we are always in a hurry. We always have to “one up” the Jones’ next door. We’ve got to have the best, eat the best and wear the best clothes. Many of our lives would be better if we had lived like the woman pictured above. Selma Cooley Ingram lived a full life but one that was simple. She didn’t have to dress to impress. She didn’t have to have the best of everything. But yet she was rich. She had happiness beyond what most of us know today. She always had a smile for you and a laugh. Selma knew songs that will go with her to her grave in a couple of days. Those songs were amazing,…. backwoods, almost bluegrass type of songs. They had a style of their own. Selma was a simple person,… but yet loved by her family,… she was one of the wealthiest people I know. 



  1. she was one of the most wonderful, amazing, sweetest women i have ever had the pleasure of knowing she could put a smile on your face just by smiling at you I loved her dearly and will miss her just as much as i miss my own mother