Thursday, June 12, 2014

Spry-Williams Funeral Home,…. 10PM?,… Really?


After reading an obituary yesterday in the TimesFaily, the time of the funeral was incorrect. It was listed as an hour later than it actually was. So I automatically figured the paper got it wrong. After going to the visitation last night, the little sign that tells the deceased name and time of viewing/funeral was also incorrect. The sign stated that the time of the funeral was at 10PM. I had not actually taken the time to read the sign myself,… but this minor detail was pointed out to me. So,… being the OCD psychopath that I am I get one of the two ladies there that were on hand to greet people. She looks at it,… doesn’t notice the error right off. The lightbulb did come on and she proceeded to fix the error with a Sharpie.  It was getting late and no one else had notice the error or at least pointed it out but the lady gets an A for effort. The next thing I hear is the other woman as she tries to make excuses for the error. They had been really busy,… blah, blah,… they had been so slammed, blah blah. She actually seemed to taken offense for me pointing it out.

Bottom line, we all make mistakes. Believe it or not, yours truly has made some big booboo’s. I realize that is almost unfathomable but nevertheless, it is true. For what it’s worth,… I have never been to a funeral/burial at 10PM,… that could start a new trend, ya think?

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