Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Bringing Back The Neon Coke Sign,……


This sign holds many memories for a whole lotta folks. I remember coming across the O’Neil Bridge, going up Mitchell Blvd and seeing the sign go through its display and it meant we were almost home. The sign was captivating to me.

Now there is an effort to return this sign to near its original place. A facebook group, Historic Neon Coke Signs - Florence, AL., has started the efforts of restoring this piece of nostalgia back to the city skyline.

This per their facebook page,…. 

After 18 months of work we have finally come to the point where we are ready to bring the old Neon Coke Sign back to the Florence skyline. The original estimate to repair the sign exceeded six digits. However, after research, design, and the use of new technology we have been able to get the cost down to around $68,000. This includes a fully functional sign that is in place and working.
The next step is to work with either Heritage Preservation Inc or Downtown Florence Unlimited to begin the process of fundraising. As soon as we know more we will share it. But at last we are to the point where we know what it will take and the team is in place to bring this to fruition. Share this with your friends in the Shoals area as we continue to make this region of the state a must see destination! Cheers!!

Add them to your facebook to keep up with the goings on of this project. This is interesting indeed.

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